Documentation for React Projects

Automatically generate documentation for your project using MDX, react-docgen, and GatsbyJS.


  • 📝 MDX - Write your documentation in Markdown and include React components using JSX!
  • ♻️ react-docgen - Automatically parses all your React components (functional, stateful, even stateless!) for JS Docblocks and Prop Types.
  • ⚛️ GatsbyJS - Creates local GraphQL server to build static version of documentation (easily deployed on a CDN or GHPages, Netlify, etc)
  • 🗄 Props Table - Component for displaying component props in a table format
  • 🎛 Modular - Easily install inside existing projects!
  • ⚖️ Lighweight - Only what you need, no extra dependencies.

Quick Start

  1. git clone project
  2. Update gatsby-config.js with the location of your components + MDX (see: "Changing source folder")
  3. npm install inside project
  4. npm run develop
  5. View your documentation: http://localhost:8000
Get Started